Employees are our most important asset; their safety is our greatest responsibility. It is the policy of Berco Industrial, Inc. to ensure a safe working environment, eliminate safety hazards, and provide adequate safety devices and equipment for all Berco Industrial employees. Since being established in May of 2009, Berco Industrial, Inc. has performed in excess of 300,000 man-hours of direct labor with Zero Lost Time and zero recordable incidents. We are in good standing with ISNetworld, PEC Premier, PICS, and National Compliance Management Service.

Further, it is our mission to create safety awareness among all of our employees through training and communication so that each individual understands that he or she has the ultimate responsibility to work safely. Our safety program includes mandatory safety orientations, supervisory training, systematic reporting and review, jobsite safety inspections and management commitment.

It is Berco Industrial’s goal to eliminate both unsafe working conditions and unsafe work practices. We plan to achieve these goals:

Through pre-planning so hazards are minimized or eliminated.

Through training in safe work practices and the use of personal protective equipment protection for hazards that cannot be eliminated.

Through daily safety meetings where the day’s tasks are discussed, including hazards and methods for eliminating or minimizing those hazards. Employees conduct a hazard assessment of their work areas everyday and use a Job Safety Analysis to plan their work activities and ensure that all employees understand the assigned tasks.

By complying with the federal, state and/or local regulations governing safety at the job site.

By taking expedient action to correct or isolate unsafe conditions or work practices.

By encouraging our employees to stop work that they feel is unsafe.

Every effort is made to assure that all employees can safely accomplish their assigned tasks. No task is so important, or so urgent, that we cannot put forth the effort to do it safely.

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